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John Foltz: who am i?

John’s musical journey began very early in life. At three, he was frequently found picking out notes and chords on his mother’s old upright piano. At six, he began taking lessons and was involved in the kid’s choir at church.

Throughout his school years, John was always involved in the annual talent shows, and when high school hit he got seriously involved in the choir and the theater. He also joined his first band and started writing his own songs to emulate all the great artists he’d grown up listening to. It was also during this time that he first started thinking about making a living through music.

During his second year at college, a friend suggested to John that he check out a local restaurant that had a piano and ask the owner if he could play music there on the weekends. He went and checked it out, did a few tunes for the owner, and walked away with his first legitimate gig.

Shortly after leaving college, John got hooked up with a booking agent and began working in the Orange County coffee shop circuit. He joined a few other bands and moved on to playing restaurants and bars. In 2001, he moved to San Diego and went totally solo again.

He released albums of original music in 2001, again in 2002, and most recently in 2009. In 2003, he was honored with a call back from Binder Casting in consideration for the understudy to the lead role in the Broadway production of “Movin’ Out”.

At the beginning of 2008, John had a serendipitous opportunity to begin making his living solely through music – finally – and he took the leap of faith. It has been a challenging, but extremely rewarding journey thus far.

In addition to having been the musical director for numerous events and productions throughout Southern California, John is the full-time musical director for both the Center for Spiritual Living, Temecula Valley and the Live Love organization. He is a member of the Positive Music Association, and his original music can be heard on their website ( and on Mind Mastery Radio (

To date, John has performed at over 200 venues in Southern California including coffee shops, restaurants, bars, artist showcases, corporate events, city/county functions, festivals, and charity functions. He maintains a working repertoire of over 3,000 cover songs as well as a wealth of original material, and is constantly striving to learn and write new material to keep in the ever-changing flow of the musical world.